Late Ramasundaram P.A., Founder Member (1933-2006)

Heralding the entry of the private entrepreneurs into the hitherto the exclusive domain of the Government arm, Theovel Surveys was amongst first few companies to make its presence felt in the GIS industry with its rich heritage of Ground Survey knowledge and traditional Mapping skills. Founded in 1981 by Shri Ramasundaram, a retired officer of the Survey of India who had distinguished himself with exemplary work in the department during his 35 years of meritorious work, the company imbibed the work culture and discipline of a true geodetic cum topographical outfit from the patriarch who had received commendation cards from the Ministry of External Affairs for his commendable work in the trans border surveys as the Indo-Pak and Indo- Burma borders. A visionary of immense caliber he laid the foundation of Theovel Surveys along the traditional norms of self discipline, sustained hardwork and the time tested survey work culture that is ever rooted in the spirit of enquiry and planning.

While rooting the company in the traditional norms of ground surveys that was in vogue, he also prepared the company skillfully, to adapt to the changes in technology that was taking place in the industry. That the company looks back with pride the 300 plus domestic and overseas projects, major and medium, involving a gamut of activities, and is geared to take on multi disciplinary and multi directional projects in the field of Survey and Mapping, is wholly because of the visionary zeal of the pioneer patriarch.

Theovel Surveys is well established to take up any task in the survey industry. Having executed more than 300 projects for diverse clientele in India and abroad, in small, medium, large scale conventional and specialist surveys, we have established as leaders in this field. We have to our credit executed numerous projects in association with our partners for ADB and World Bank.

In today’s modern world, technologies get harnessed, quality of products and services get enhanced and costs get reduced enabling better quality of life for mankind. No more are the options of time tenure for delivery of map info and map data by the clients, open in the fast changing GIS scenario. It always and every time, lays demands on the best skills of integration of appropriate methodology, Instrumentation and accuracies desired with a time tag that demands the best of planning and execution skills. To be an integral part of this technological revolution and to showcase our intrinsic capabilities, Theovel has expanded its wings to take on activities in related fields as GIS (Geographic Information System) and Remote Sensing and Lidar mapping. This enables us to offer comprehensive end-to-end solution to our clients, ensuring that quality is not compromised at any stage at any time in any sphere. We have procured and deployed the state of the art equipments and facilities such as DGPS, Total Station, Large format Plotter, Large format Scanner and allied instruments in sufficient quantity to execute projects of any magnitude within any stipulated time frame.

Our most important assets are our manpower and infrastructure. We own DGPS Sets and Total Stations in large numbers which could be considered as one of the biggest holding in the Country for any Private Organization. Drawn from all technical domains, well-motivated professional staff have exposure to all kinds of survey projects like, Topographic, Cadastral, Highways, Roads, City/Town Surveys, Irrigation, Power, Oil/Gas Pipeline Surveys etc. We are members of various professional associations like INCA (Indian National Cartographic Association), Institution of Surveyors, Indian Society of Remote Sensing, Indian Society of Geo-informatics and National Association of Cartographers.

We have an enlightened band of Technical Team in our list consisting of professional experts drawn from Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing, GIS & CAD faculties to meet the end needs of the Clients in various walks of the social fabric, comprising Government and Corporate Agencies. In addition exceptionally specialized professional experts are also hired by the company to meet the specific needs of the Clients for specific projects. The bottom line is that the company has a flexible system of need based technical staff management policy to meet the stringent needs of the modern day client’s expectations due to the technological revolution.


  • To be a Premier Solution Provider
  • To be a Preferred partner to Clients
  • To enrich the work environment for employees to excel through innovation and teamwork.


Theovel shall be a preferred partner for all Geographic Aspects by providing excellent solutions through utilization of resources. Theovel shall embrace newer technologies in order to deliver better results and to exceed customer expectations in terms of organizational skills and delivery of high standard – quality results, well within the given time frame.